A personality shapes by brushing shoulders and exchanging views. The clubs provide the opportunity to foster relations and bonds and develop a friendship that can last a lifetime.

Participation in these Clubs, result in:

  • Adaptability
  • Improved Creativity
  • Tolerance
  • Leadership
  • Expanding the Network of Connections
  • Cross-Cultural Understanding


Creativity is not a prerogative of the seniors. The juniors lay equal claim and have a right to be showcased. Therein, comes the role of the clubs that mentor and foster this urge and make the campus life a cut above the rest.

1) Prayas - The Eco Club: Facebook

Convener: Dr. Surendar Kaur (Assistant Professor, EVS)
The Eco Club aims at instilling environmental awareness so that the students mature as socially responsible individuals. Green has metamorphosed into a unique mantra.
Vision: Green, Clean and Safe Earth.

The Bustle:
Awareness through Flash Mobs
Bio Manure Plant
No Polythene Campaign
Workshops on Sustainable Development

2) LogiX - The Algorithm Club: Facebook

Logic is the key to success and this club nurtures the prodigies in the field of software development as well as logic implementation.
Vision: To make it possible with logic.
The Bustle:
Hackathon- The Hacking Competition
Android App cum Idea Competition

3) Bastion - The English Club: Facebook

Convener: Dr. Garima Williams (Assistant Professor, BSH)
The global Lingua Franca i.e. English, bears the enormous strain of good bonding and good communication. This club was carved to hone and expand the vocabulary and the communication skills of not just its members but also of those around.

The club aims at creating an impressive persona that envisages good articulation and the generation of camaraderie is one of the aspects the club seeks to achieve. A whole gamut of programs over the academia keeps the club jockeying.

Vision: Vision: Be a heard voice...
The Bustle:


Mono Acting
Host the Show

Triseikadeka Phobia
The Gallop
Tete e Tete
Talk Shows

4) Idegy - The Business Club:

It aims to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment to the entrepreneurs and an opportunity to hone their leadership skills.
Vision: Create jobs not look for jobs (in line with the Prime Minister's Vision).
The Bustle:
Industrial Visits
Guest Lectures
Works Shops
I-Start an Entrepreneurial Step

5) Ingenious - The Photography Club: Facebook

Convener: Mr. Ashish Kumar

A moment worth capturing, is a moment lived its fullest!
Plots, if they cannot be put into emotions and shown to others, are not plots.

For all the creative buds in our college, the photography club works as a pedestal to bring out their creativity in a channelized manner so that they can nourish their passion side by side and learn about professional photography and film-making.

Vision : To make people educated towards the aspect of film-making and photography so that they can know and nurture the talent in them.

The Bustle:
Photography workshops
Collage making contest
Small documentary contest
Guest lectures by experts
Coverage of various events

6) Synergy-The Value Education Cell

7) Yoga Club