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Learning in PSIT Classrooms

It's been known for a long time that lecturing-just a teacher teaches and the students passively listening is not an optimal way for students to learn. We always want to have students doing some thinking, some processing, and some recall during the lecture.

With this in mind, PSIT has designed e-classrooms that look like the 21st-century lecture hall. Our conducive classroom atmosphere has been a significant factor in creating harmony in the teacher-student relationship. It has been designed to propel an inquiry-based learning that fosters liberation of mind, thereby creating an eagerness to learn. Our simple classroom teaching is aided with many modern facilities like air-conditioning convenience, the internet and intranet connectivity and hi-tech multimedia and audio visual equipment's which sets the tone for students to engage in stimulating discussions.

Teaching Aids and Methodology at PSIT :

Smart-boards- Whit Board
Audio-visuals- Projector, Mike, Pointers
PPTs Interactive Modules- slide presentation of Lectures, Faculty Lap Top , Questioning and Problem Solving trough a pop-up on screen ,Active Discussions
Traditional chalk on board
State-of-the-art technology to enable a multi-media learning experience to Students.


With its superb acoustics, PSIT Central Auditorium has served as the premier location to host many outstanding events. The main stage of the auditorium features a large stage. It holds up 1300 audience members. The interior of the auditorium is plush, with beautifully upholstered seating and ceiling with spotlights. A broad spectrum of lectures, conferences, symposia, seminars and webinars are offered throughout the academic year.


Technical education is incomplete without an adequate practical training in the workshops and laboratories. PSIT has created the world class infrastructure and have well equipped labs taking into account the needs of the curriculum as well as needs of the potential employers of students. In addition, we will continue to take input from academia as well as student needs to keep up to speed with technology developments.
A multitude of ultra-modern computer laboratories spread over vast area welcome our students in the fully Air-Conditioned arena of computer world that is equipped with the latest generation series of all relevant hardware & software.

List of Laboratories:

Engineering Laboratories
Computer Science Laboraties
Mechanical Engineering Laboratories
Electrical Engineering Lab
Electronics & Communication Engineering Laboratories
IT Engineering Laboratories
Civil Engineering Laboratories
Pharmacy Laboratories
Robotics Laboratories

Learning in PSIT Workshop

Workshops are also an important element of modern day education because they give students an opportunity to create something with their own hands and understand exactly what it takes to make something work. PSIT workshops are integral part of technical education because it is a place where PSITian actually apply the theoretical knowledge gained in classrooms. PSIT workshops have an excellent collection of new tools and implements that can facilitate even intensive project work.

Workshop Details:

Fitting shop
Welding shop
Carpentry shop
Sheet metal shop
Black smithy
Foundry shop
Sheet Metal Shop