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PSIT takes pride in providing best facilities to students, fully air conditioned campus, e-Classrooms, Labs, Conference halls, Workshops, Library, etc. are the ideal place for learning and doing. We provide clean and purified water through water coolers supplied from our RO plant to our students which adds yet another gesture which says 'WE CARE'. Uninterrupted Power supply to our students make the life convenient . Our pupil can work any time at their convenience and comfort. There are some students who love to study at night stating the reason behind the more concentration and silence, some early morning and others at their wish. We left no stone unturned to give best facilities to our students in terms of internet availability, transportation, and other amenities.

PSITians are curious and engaged; active involvement outside the classroom is central to PSIT's culture. A huge variety of student organizations, activities and events, athletics, exhibitions and performances, and educational opportunities keep campus lively. Each day brings new experiences that allow students to engage their passions.

Meet friends for dinner at the hostel, a night of studying for various university examinations, spend Sunday afternoon reading in the shade of a huge tree on PSIT Ground etc. Financial needs can be met by drawing cash from ATM machine or having an account in an SBI Bank situated in our vicinity. We have two ATM machines Syndicate Bank ATM and SBI ATM. Our students and our hostelites make use of the banking and ATM facility.

Fun filled and hi-tech student life at PSIT not only makes our PSITians successful professionals but also grounded them to our culture so as make them good human beings.