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The college has taken best care to ensure commuting of students both around the campus and off campus .Transit option include club cars and buses

For the transportation of students and staff the college runs a fleet of AC buses plying through every nook and corner of Kanpur city and its suburbs. The bus routes are operated after taking into account the need of the students. Transport department has well trained drivers who operate the bus transport of the institution.

All students make use of the college transport or stay in the hostel. All the buses reach the campus before 8:40 a.m. The buses leave the campus at 5:00 pm, which helps students to reach home early and safe. This service ensures hassle free and safe transportation. Club Cars available helps to travel from one building to another located in the luxurious and large lush green campus

PSIT has deployed security guards round the clock at the campus and the hostel. The team comprises of people working with the campus community to provide a reasonably safe environment to all. Security measures includes fire extinguishers, fire safety etc.