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The campus hostel offers boarding facility for the students. The institution has the separate hostel for boys and girls with round the clock security and emergency care service. The residential doctor extends the assistance for the students who are indeed. The hostel provides extreme comfort and creates the feeling of togetherness among the hostellers. Every effort has been made to provide the best facilities for students who live on campus. They have the privilege to access the internet after the academic hours.

Facilities at PSIT Hostels:

  1. Fully furnished and spacious rooms
  2. 24-hours 'RO- Reverse Osmosis' purified clean drinking water
  3. 100% hygienic and quality food
  4. The SBI Bank and ATM machine inside the campus at the main entrance.
  5. First aid facility
  6. Hot water
  7. 24x7 Back up power
  8. Round the clock security services
  9. Provision and general stores
  10. laundry service
  11. Telephones
  12. Under senior faculty supervision
  13. Bus facility with in group institutions
  14. Indoor games
  15. Availability of Electricians and Plumber
  16. Green carpet lawns

Dining Facility

Dining is such an important part of college life. In addition to keeping the students healthy and fit, mess and cafeteria are great places where they gather and connect with peers and teachers.

At PSIT we try to make the dining experience the very best, each day, in every meal. Students are offered the finest of nutritious food in a very relaxed atmosphere. The quality, selection and ease of PSIT's dining services are among the best in the college. There is always something delicious to suit every student's taste. The best part about the mess at PSIT is that the students decide the menu. A student committee along with faculty members decides on the menu for every 7 days. All in all a home away from home.

A large Dinning Hall with a capacity of more than 300 members to dine at the same time enables all students and staff to have the lunch and breakfast. A large modern kitchen with steam cooking is attached to the mess hall. Staff members and students (hostel students) are provided, tea and snacks every day. Special care is taken to provide quality and hygienic food to students. A food committee is responsible for monitoring the operations of the mess for implementing and reviewing the mess policy.