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As to the adage "Health is Wealth", the institution takes extreme care on the health of the young learning community. "Health creates capacity; students whose health status is positive and flourishing have greater ability and readiness to learn and engage fully in all meaningful educational experiences inside and outside the classroom. . . . The learner as a whole person matters in the learning."

The institution offers free medication and treatment to PSIT students,faculty, and staff. In addition the campus has appointed MBBS doctor who periodically checks the students and counsels them for their fitness.

Focus on health in the broadest sense provides critical support to the academic mission.Young adults are at a critical juncture in development. As they learn to manage their own health and health care with less parental oversight, we here at our medical centre manned by an MBBS doctor, Healthcare assistant and Nurses takes due care of well being of our students.

In addition to on-site medical and counseling services, our counseling centers offer stress reduction programs; educational programs and materials for parents/families; campus-wide education; targeted education programs and mental health screening days. Not waiting for students to come to them, most undertake outreach related to preventions, regular checkups and reducing the stigma around mental health issues.

A routine medical check-up is organized to ensure good health for all inmates. An emergency Ambulance van is also available round the clock to ensure timely health care to the resident students.

Medical care and shaping the environment through a comprehensive public health approach, including prevention and education,pays healthier and more successful students.

Medical Facilities at PSIT

  1. Ambulance Service available on campus 24#7
  2. Medical Store supplied with all essential Medicines
  3. Wellness programs and Maintenance of Students Health Record
  4. Routine Health Check ups
  5. Proper Diagnosis through Lab Test, Case History, examination of test results
  6. Preventive Health care like regular checkups, scheduled visit to a Doctor
  7. Scheduled Test - Blood pressure, Depression screening, Blood Sugar, Osteoporosis screening
  8. Male and Female Ward for Medical Day Care
  9. Health Counseling Sessions on major health related Topic:
    1. To recognize changes in your body
    2. What you can do to stay Healthy .
    3. Don't Smoke or Use Tobacco
    4. Importance of Exercise, test .
    5. See the Doctor to avoid future health related problems.
    6. Maintain a healthy weight.
    7. Eat Balance Diet