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The Central Library of PSIT is a cesspool of knowledge. Our library is the lifeblood and nerve centre of PSIT which shoulders a great responsibility in harnessing the utilization of the information. Distributed in a wide area and is bloated with a marvelous collection of books and literature. The Library of PSIT plays host to a gigantic number of books. Another feature of our Library that augments to its value is the digital library domain which is the part of the main central library itself. It features several computer nodes that are embedded with ready soft reference material for students and teachers.

Our Library boasts more than 65,000 books of almost every subject. The compilation of books in the discipline of Engineering, Management Studies, Pharmacy and Computer Applications is wholesome and complete. It functions as an excellent resource center for students to pursue their academic, research and training interest. PSIT library has an extensive range of text and reference books with a wide range of journals, periodicals, encyclopedias, classics of both national and international repute.

The periodical segment of our Library is admirable in its own way. The Library presently has subscriptions to print journals and E-journals. J-Gate and Springers are our prime one.Apart from this the Library has also subscribed to many magazines (both technical and general) along with prominent dailies for students and teachers.

The Library has structured a technical section in its sphere wherein all the books are well processed. All the books in the Library are classified and cataloged respectively.

Our Library has the ideal ambiance of quietude essential for deep study and reflection. It features reading halls that can hold up to 250 students at a time.

The central library has maintained a strict regime for the issue/return operation of books. It follows the management principle of 'the spirit of hive' for functioning effectively. The Librarians are available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm for the issue and return of books.

Library Timings
Working days (Monday to Saturday) -: 9.00 AM to 07.30 PM
Holidays & Sundays -: 10.00 AM to 02.00 PM

Central Library has a well thought out Archives & Maintenance Section. This section contains well arranged volumes of journals, magazines and news-papers in chronological order.

Another ecstatic feature of our Central Library is the open shelf system keeping for easy access to books and references. The books have been neatly stacked in order of their subjects.

Today we are living in an age of information explosion and the biggest challenge for Library keepers is storing the entire gamut of literature and knowledge in its realm. With a view to provide a whirlpool of immeasurable information, the College has set up a Digital Library. Infinite material is available in our Digital Library in the form of CDs, DVDs, and database and in other micro formats. For reading digital data we have equipped our library with several computer nodes loaded with soft copies of information on various subjects are fed in to our database.
For the smooth functioning of our Digital Library, Central Library has set up a cell that operates in a separate E-learning wing. E-Learning is an on-line education program where the students can access various presentations, seminars, and lectures available online. Digital Library Network has been proven extremely beneficial for resource sharing.