Utthan NGO

"Don't wait for leaders , do it alone person to person" - MOTHER TERESA

Moved by the plight of underprivileged children, PSIT has taken up program of serving poor children on regular basis. UTThan NGO supporting poor children, provides education to the needy ones

We are proud of many of our students and employees, who volunteered for this social cause with a strong belief in supporting and helping people in need. Utthan actively and positively contributes to the uplift of underprivileged communities, and its efforts are appreciated by many. Along with education, the society focuses on the hygiene and health conditions of these kids. Committed volunteers are the real backbone behind this project's success. The main aims and objectives are to uplift poor people by providing them formal and non-formal education, life skills development through self employment trainings, health care assistance and health education.


Go Green Plantation

Together we can protect our environment while creating millions of jobs - PSIT had initiated a unique campaign named as 'Go Green Campaign' in which every guest visited us was enjoined to plant trees. It is expected that once to this effort is replicated globally, it shall give a significant impetus to the fight against global warming

Tree plantation is a harbinger of prosperity. Plants eliminate the pollution and are beneficial for the health, too. This would let our coming generations lead a healthy life. The motive is not just to plant the saplings but rear them as well.


National Volunteering Week

The National Volunteering Week is an exercise to generate awareness and promote volunteerism in the country. It's a path breaking initiative which envisions on how India should be in her 75th year of independence. In this journey to transform this vision of India at 75 into a reality, PSIT joined hands to celebrate this week and encourages students to be active volunteer.